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Morocco Tours from Spain: Private and Group Guided Tours

The complete guide to visiting Morocco from Spain

If you are already visiting Spain or plan to do so, extend your journey to the country of Morocco. It is a must go destination for travelers in Spain. As a neighbor, Morocco has a complementary culture to Spain, sharing much of the history and landscape. However, a trip to Morocco remains a different experience. With over 25 years of experience in the tourism industry, Morocco Tours is the leading tour operator for trips to Morocco from Spain. We offer a personal experience of the real Morocco that other tour operators simply can't offer. So allow us to help you plan your trip.

"Hamid, thank you for orchestrating a trip of a lifetime! Your knowledge and effort tastefully opened many soulful and adventuresome Moroccan doors for us, from the awesome camel/desert experience to the Gnaouan musical magic. "

 tours in Morocco from Spain

4 Ways to go to Morocco from Spain with Morocco Discoveries & Tours:

Visiting Morocco from Spain has never been easier. See below about the 4 ways how to get to Morocco from Spain. If you need any additional information: Send us an email at or Call us at 1-703-619-0777.

  • Catch a Ferry from Tarifa (runs every 30 min) straight to Tangier Port to start your visit immediately.
  • Flights to Morocco from Spain are frequent and inexpensive. We can meet you at any major airport in Morocco.
  • We can arrange for all the services in your tour as a self drive.
  • Morocco Tours from Spain can arrange for your pick up from your hotel.

Tours Offered from Spain to Morocco

We have organized our tours from Spain to Morocco into 3 categories. Tours starting from Tangier were specially designed for travelers taking a quick flight or a ferry ride to the north of Morocco and starting their tour right when they land. These tours are typically shorter, but certainly give travelers a well-rounded experience of the country. If you can afford to spend more time in Morocco, consider one of our tours starting from other major cities. We have categorized these tours by special interest, such as Cultural or Adventure tours. Last but certainly not least, we offer tours combining Spain and Morocco.