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We have organized our tours from Spain to Morocco into 3 categories. Tours starting from Tangier were specially designed for travelers taking a quick flight or a ferry ride to Tangier or Ceuta starting the tour right away. These tours in Morocco are typically shorter, but certainly give travelers a well-rounded experience of the country. If you can afford to spend more time in Morocco, consider one of our tours starting from other major cities. We have categorized these tours by special interest, such as Cultural or Adventure tours. Last but certainly not least, we offer tours combining Spain and Morocco.

One Day Tour Exploring Tangier

This one-day excursion will give you a brief taste of Morocco by introducing you to the city of Tangier. Tangier is only 8 miles from Europe, but worlds apart ... Read more ...

Three Days Tour of Morocco

Explore the highlights of northern Morocco and spend 2 nights in the enticing city of Fez, the spiritual and itelectual capital of Morocco. This tour is a peak at the ancient history of Morocco. ... Read more ...

Six Days Tour Imperial Cities of Morocco

Here is a program tour in Morocco no one can match. Its captivating qualities than its Majestic Imperial cities. With a powerful history thousands of years old, ... Read more ...

Eight Days Imperial Cities and Sahara of Morocco

This one-week tour is a great introduction to the diverse landscapes and rich culture of Morocco. You will begin your travel itinerary from Tangier in the North of Morocco and make your way South to Sahara, ... Read more ...

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